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We can help you with your booklist

This time of year evokes Spring Cleaning and pre-planning for our next homeschool year.   When doing this, Homeschool Potpourri can save you both time and money.  You can pack up all the books you’re finished with and either ship them or bring them in to Homeschool Potpourri for resale.  You can also submit a list…

For the month of January,,,

Did you know this month is the month most homeschoolers decide to change what they were doing last semester and try something new? If that urge hits you,  we’ve probably got what you need. After the holidays we’ve settled in and back to routine.   We’re open 10 am to 6 pm  Monday thru Friday…

How I Entered A Lifestyle of Learning With My Family

  When I started homeschooling my kids in 1989 I pulled my two oldest out of school after Easter break after some negative interactions with the school.  It seemed logical to me at the time that we would recreate school at home.  That is, sit at our table together and work through the textbooks that…

Homeschooling Dads: Don’t Miss The Big Lesson

Father’s Day is always a good day to reflect on my role and responsibilities as a dad. This year I find my thoughts drifting to my role in our family’s choice to homeschool.  As a Christian homeschooling dad, I have found that it is very easy  to get off track with some of the goals I…

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