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About Us

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We help All Homeschoolers Become Confident Homeschoolers, Affordably.

  • Are you new to homeschooling? You’re in the right place.
  • Are you a seasoned homeschooler? You’re also in the right place.
  • Are you on a tight budget? We have what you need, too!
  • Are you a teacher looking for books for your classroom?
  • Are you a parent wanting to supplement your child’s education or buy duplicate textbooks for home so they don’t have to carry heavy books back and forth?

We want you to feel comfortable whether you’re in our store or meeting us online.

We have great resources to offer you, and a commitment to helping your homeschool run at its best no matter what style of homeschooling you do.

Whether you do school at home using a complete formal curriculum, Classical studies,, Charlotte Mason, Montessori, Waldorf, Unit Studies, Eclectic (mix and match), or unschooling, we have resources that will fit your needs and budget!

Most days, we are busy taking in consignment books, helping homeschoolers find the books they came in for, or suggesting curriculum that might work for them. We’re answering phones and shipping books to our homeschool friends across the country and around the world. We might be encouraging a new homeschool mom, or praying with one of our friends who is going through some difficulty. Because we’ve been around for over 25 years. We’re always happy to see your family come through our door, or to answer your phone call, even when we’re busy. We want to give our full attention to each of our guests when they are with us. but we also appreciate your understanding and patience when you have to wait.

Our staff is ready to help you find the things on your list, or to help you create a list for your students

Meet our staff Here are the people you will want to know:

Todd and Colleen Aukland, the owners of Homeschool Potpourri

Todd and Colleen Aukland

Todd Aukland is the owner of Homeschool Potpourri since 1999. He is in the store daily whereas his business partner and wife, Colleen Aukland is no longer in the store everyday but at home with their two children. Colleen was homeschooled and Todd went to Public School. Todd loves sports, especially to play them and coach his son playing them.

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